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Tim's Tavern... Seattle 

Tim’s Tavern has had Todd and The Toots perform on several occasions and they do not dissapoint. They always pack the house with people and their classic Bluegrass/Reggae blend of tunes. Everyone has a smile on their face and shakes a tail feather when the grooves get going. If you are just a casual listener of Reggae and Ska or an avid connoisseur of the Roots and Bluegrass, you know that this band has “IT”! Infectious melodies and solid harmonies are where this band really shines. Without a doubt the funnest nights we have had at our venue have been with Todd and The Toots. We love this band- Tim’s Tavern

Outlander Brewpub review... 

Todd and The Toots LIVE!  at Outlander Brewpub & Beer Garden 
5 Year Anniversary Party - August 4th 2017 

This 5 piece band kept us all moving & dancing with a big smile on our faces from the first to the last song!  Todd and the Toots delivered a show full of positive energy, ranging from Jamaican Roots, Rocksteady & Ska to Soul & Rock classics performed on acoustic instruments ! On the the hottest day of the year they did a refreshing jam-packed beer garden show with tunes like “Stir It Up”, “Redemption Song”, “Ain’t No Sunshine”, “Black Magic Woman” and many more! 

After almost 3 hours (with only a short break), the band left the stage, and left the crowd in awe of their amazing performance!

Thanks for coming out!
Dragan Radulovic
Outlander Brewpub (visit the website!)